Commenting on Articles

People love to throw in their two cents worth.  They also love to read what other people have said.  If you have a blog or a news site this is a must to keep traffic up.

The example I am showing here on the right posts to facebook (if your commenter is signed into facebook) and displays the comments on your site. So it allows people to do two things they love and all of their buddies on facebook will see it.

I didn't set this up so people can post to any article on my site (which I could do) because I don't feel it is needed here & don't want to be bothered with moderating it for the entire site.

Now keep in mind that this requires active moderation.

You can set it to allow anyone to say anything they like but, you will wind up with bad language and other things you do not want on your website.  So, what almost everyone does is set it up so that before a comment goes live it must be approved. So you have to monitor the "pending" comments and go through on a regular basis and either approve or decline to allow them to be posted.

You can also put in automatic language filters to block curse words and other .... inappropriate stuff.

The version used in this demonstration does not have moderation or a language filter. The integration with facebook (instant posting & facebook doesn't use a language filter) make it impossible to do it in this version. But, it is available in other versions that don't post to facebook.

I think the risk is worth it. If enough people misbehave I may take it down and put one up with moderation and a language filter.

My test of people's character began June 1st, 2013.....

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