E-Commerce Websites $5,000 & up

Every online store is unique and therefore a custom website.

Some of the things I need to know to give you an estimate are:

  • Exactly who your target customer is?
  • What sort of look & feel do you want?
  • What shopping cart system do you want to use?
  • What payment processor do you want to use?
  • How many products need to be set up initially?
  • How many products does the website need to be able to handle as it expands over time?
  • Does the website need to communicate with an existing computer system (bookkeeping, inventory, accounting, etc...).
  • Do you need photo galleries for each product or will one picture suffice?
  • Do you need an online chat system to help customers?
  • How are you going to drive traffic to your online store (website)? SEO? SEM? SMM? Other Methods?
  • and many, more....

As a custom website costs are $75 per hour and most estimates begin at $5,000 for site development and average, minimum, monthly outlay of $1,000 for generating traffic via SEO, SEM, and SMM. Sadly the days of throwing up a website and having it generate income are long gone (I doubt if they truly ever existed).  If you don't have the monthly budget to drive traffic to your site, you will not be happy with the results. If someone tells you otherwise they are either lying to you or terribly naive.

These sites can be a wonderful source of revenue for you.

Give me a call at (540) 420 - 5998 so we can have a conversation about what your wants and needs are and what solutions will work best for you.  

*All web design packages require hosting, which is an additional charge.

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Google's search results determine how many customers visit your website.

People are increasingly searching Google instead of the yellow pages when they want or need a product or service.

Potential customers use keywords like "plumber blacksburg", "attorney roanoke", and "cpa roanoke va".

Ranking well for search terms related to your business will bring you new business.

The first organic listing on Google gets over 42% of the clicks. That means that website is getting almost half of the visitors for that search.

The second spot gets almost 12% of the traffic .....

It gets worse from there...

Learn how to rank higher in Google

Optional Features

  • Slide Show Banner
    A giant banner that changes pictures with various effects to show off different parts of your business.
  • Facebook Fan Box or Twitter Feed Box
    Invite your websites visitors to stay in contact with you via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Custom Forms
    All businesses need to collect unique information from their customers.
  • YouTube video on your website
    Do you want to be able to show videos on your website?
  • Allow comments on your articles just like the news sites and blogs do
    People love to comment & come back again and again to read what others have said.
  • Social media share buttons
    If your customers like your products or services, why not make it easy for them to spread the word.
  • A Photo Gallery
    People love pictures.  Share pictures, share the love...
  • A Calendar
    Make sure your customers don't miss your special events.
  • Google Maps in your website
    Helps customers find your office and come buy things from you.

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