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A Facebook Fan Box is a great way to invite your site's visitors to stay connected with you via facebook and the "quiet" testimonials can influence a potential customer to buy. It is truly wonderful because it will populate the pictures with friends of your visitor if your visitor is signed into facebook.

What I am calling a "quiet" testimonial is simply this:

A new potential customer visits your website and is thinking of buying one of your products.  Now imagine two scenarios.

  1. The customer sees a facebook fan box off to the side and recognizes several of their friends pictures and realizes that their friends have "liked" your service. Therefore implying that they have used your product and thought enough of it to "like" your business on facebook.
  2. The customer sees only your website and information about your business but doesn't see anything else.

In which of these scenarios do you think this person is more likely to buy from you?

Get the picture?

Please remember that some ..... services or products people do not want to be associated with.  So they will not like them on facebook even if they love the product or service they use from that business.

A few examples:

  • mental health counseling
  • legal services
  • some medical services
  • debt counseling

It doesn't mean these are bad services. It just means that people want these things to be private. You know your customers and your business. You will know if this will not work for you.

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