SEM & PPC - Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click

SEM and PPC are exactly what you think they are. 

Buying advertisements. It works well and quickly at driving traffic to your website.

There are a few ways to do this.

The first is paying per click. People do this because they only want to pay for people who actually visit their site. Why pay for the ones who are not interested.

The second is buying a certain number of impressions or displays.  This is simply the number of times your ad is shown to people.

The least common and third method is paying to have an ad display for a period of time. A month, week, or day.

If you sell aftermarket parts for building muscle cars you probably have no business advertising on a website about fashion. But a popular blog about muscle cars.....

These ads are targeted to specific keywords and demographics.

For example:

If you are a divorce lawyer who specializes in helping female clients wouldn't it make sense to run ads on Facebook that targeted married women within 100 miles of your office who have posted the phrase "I hate my husband" on their facebook page?

Suppose you have a brand new German restaurant at Smith Mountain Lake.  It is going to take time to get to page one of Google. The ads can bring you customers today. Why not use Google Adwords and target "restaurant smith mountain lake" and "German food smith mountain lake"?

What if your SEO efforts for your law firm's key words (highly competitive) are making slow progress (moved from page 5 to page 2) but you want some traffic from Google. Why not buy some ads for those key words on page one of Google?

SEM & PPC varies so much according to location and industry all I can do is tell you is to call and ask. 

Give me a call at (540) 420 - 5998 to discuss some internet advertisements to get more customers for your business.


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Google's search results determine how many customers visit your website.

People are increasingly searching Google instead of the yellow pages when they want or need a product or service.

Potential customers use keywords like "plumber blacksburg", "attorney roanoke", and "cpa roanoke va".

Ranking well for search terms related to your business will bring you new business.

The first organic listing on Google gets over 42% of the clicks. That means that website is getting almost half of the visitors for that search.

The second spot gets almost 12% of the traffic .....

It gets worse from there...

Learn how to rank higher in Google

Optional Features

  • Slide Show Banner
    A giant banner that changes pictures with various effects to show off different parts of your business.
  • Facebook Fan Box or Twitter Feed Box
    Invite your websites visitors to stay in contact with you via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Custom Forms
    All businesses need to collect unique information from their customers.
  • YouTube video on your website
    Do you want to be able to show videos on your website?
  • Allow comments on your articles just like the news sites and blogs do
    People love to comment & come back again and again to read what others have said.
  • Social media share buttons
    If your customers like your products or services, why not make it easy for them to spread the word.
  • A Photo Gallery
    People love pictures.  Share pictures, share the love...
  • A Calendar
    Make sure your customers don't miss your special events.
  • Google Maps in your website
    Helps customers find your office and come buy things from you.

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