Sitemaps help visitors find what they are looking for.

Now not all of these visitors are people. Search engines like Google send robots to crawl your site and index it.  The index is the information they use to give good results when people use their search service.

Since most websites get a huge number of new visitors from search engines like Google ..... you might want to help them out and make it easy for them.  A sitemap does this. 

This should be the first SEO option you put on your website.


Optional Features

  • Slide Show Banner
    A giant banner that changes pictures with various effects to show off different parts of your business.
  • Facebook Fan Box or Twitter Feed Box
    Invite your websites visitors to stay in contact with you via Facebook or Twitter.
  • Custom Forms
    All businesses need to collect unique information from their customers.
  • YouTube video on your website
    Do you want to be able to show videos on your website?
  • Allow comments on your articles just like the news sites and blogs do
    People love to comment & come back again and again to read what others have said.
  • Social media share buttons
    If your customers like your products or services, why not make it easy for them to spread the word.
  • A Photo Gallery
    People love pictures.  Share pictures, share the love...
  • A Calendar
    Make sure your customers don't miss your special events.
  • Google Maps in your website
    Helps customers find your office and come buy things from you.

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